Sterlingpaws Persians
Welcome to Sterlingpaws
  Sterlingpaws is home of the true chinchilla silver persians.  
  We are CFA registered, health guaranteed, and veterinarian certified. Our silver chinchilla babies are extremely loving,  
  sweet and very clean persian kittens.  

While looking for your new family member
beware of false advertising for this breed of
persians.Such as: There is no such thing as
a tea-cup or toy chinchilla persian.This persian
breed is smaller by nature.Some may claim
they have chinchilla silvers but there are standards
of this persian that you can read upon the CFA
website.Here are a few: coat clarity/eye color/
black liner on eyes/nose/mouth and black paw pads.

Hope this helps in finding a perfect chinchilla
persian kitten.Work with a reputable breeder who
has documentation of veterinarian services and health

Thank you for stopping by
Sue of Sterlingpaws